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Old Riga - audio guide

(Old Riga 3D map)

No additional fee for the guide, just the charge of your operator

Audio guide - it is the most simple and easy and cheapest way to get acquainted with the Old Riga.

Dial the phone number 27-94-00-40, 27-94-00-20

and then select the language ( press 1 – English ) and the key corresponding to object.

The total length of audio information recorded is 125 minutes

The cheapest way to listen to a tour of Old Riga – buy prepaid card Bite 3,5; Zelta zivtiņa (tarifs - Brīvais, nomināls 4,95 Ls ); O’karte ( OTariffs - OEqual, Calls to other networks)


You can purchase the audio tour now!

Payment Types:

     PayPal - € 9.99. Immediately after payment accomplish will get the audio tour to your e-mail.

After the payment using WebMoney or "Yandex деньги" please contact us to get the audio tour!

Our contacts:

371- 29540698